The Traveling Words

SEASON 2 | Venue: Any public place—surprise us! | Theme: Soul Connections

Hey, it’s time to leave your piece of paper again! For Season 2, it’s up to you where to leave your piece of paper, but it should be in a public place (but remember, no littering!). The theme is: Soul Connections. For those of you who have participated before, go submit yours soon! For those of you who are new here, you can follow these steps:
  1. Write a poem, a short prose, a flash fiction, or anything close to your heart on a piece of paper, with the theme: Soul Connections. Oh, and make it hand-written, please! We love your hand-writing :)
  2. Write at the bottom, thus anyone who found the paper would be able to visit the site and find out what it’s all about :) Of course, you can also leave your name, blog address, or email address if you like!
  3. Go to a public place and leave your piece of paper there. Take a picture of your piece of paper where you left it.
  4. Submit your picture here
  5. We’ll check and showcase them on and share it via our Twitter account @travelingwords
  6. When someone found your piece of paper and went to, they would know what it’s all about! :) On the other hand, some people may want to ‘hunt’ for your piece of paper when they see it on the site!

So, grab your pen and paper, start writing, and have fun! :)